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How can I be sure that Nektrex™ PRIME right for me?Updated 10 months ago

The Nektrex™ PRIME utilizes the “Dynamic Two-Way Stretch & Decompression” feature, which gently stretches your cervical region by up to 4 inches, offering adjustable comfort settings. Stretching is recognized as an effective method for neck relief, but it might not be the best choice for everyone.

Try some gentle home stretches targeting your neck for a quick test. Pay attention to how your neck feels during and after these stretches. If you find slight relief and experience no or mild discomfort, it's a promising indication that the Nektrex™ PRIME could be an excellent fit for you.

If you're unsure, always consult your healthcare provider first to determine if stretching or exercise is recommended for your specific condition. If you've previously found stretching beneficial, then Nektrex™ PRIME will enhance its effects with additional relieving features.

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