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Can I use LumbarCare PRO™ on any surface?Updated 10 months ago

Yes, LumbarCare PRO™ can be used on various surfaces. However, for optimal results, place it on a sturdy, flat surface like the floor, carpet, or bed. If the surface is soft, use the included Base Plate underneath the device to stabilize it.

The Base Plate serves two purposes:

  1. It stabilizes LumbarCare PRO™ on soft surfaces like beds, couches, or foam cushions.

  2. It allows you to adjust the stretch height in the Dynamic Air Traction & Stretch feature. The 'A' side gives a default height stretch, while the 'B' side offers a stronger stretch with an inch higher starting position.

Note: You can use LumbarCare PRO™ with or without the base plate on hard surfaces.

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