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LumbarCare PRO™

How long does it take to see results with LumbarCare PRO™?

After your first session, you should notice ease and more comfort in your lower back area. Overall, the experience should be pleasurable and relaxing. Based on your user surveys, lasting improvements and comfort are observed after 3-4 weeks of regula

What is the recommended duration and frequency of use for LumbarCare PRO™?

We recommend 2-3 sessions of fifteen minutes each per day, especially for the Dynamic Air Traction & Stretch feature. For the EMS feature, try not to exceed 30 minutes daily, split into two 15-minute sessions. Consistency is key to experiencing the f

Are there any side effects or discomforts associated with using LumbarCare PRO™?

Initially, if your surrounding muscles are tense and stiff, the Dynamic Air Traction & Stretch feature may cause some discomfort during your first few sessions. This is normal as your muscles adapt and gain flexibility. However, it's crucial not to p

Is there a warranty or satisfaction guarantee with my purchase?

Absolutely! Your LumbarCare PRO™ comes with a 1-year warranty. Plus, at checkout, you have the option to choose our ProCare Program. Your purchase is backed by our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee*. If you don’t see any improvement in your lower back pain

Is LumbarCare PRO™ safe to use?

Yes, LumbarCare PRO™ is designed with safety in mind. However, it is important to follow the guidelines, safety precautions and consult with a healthcare provider if you have any of the listed conditions or concerns:. Safety and suitability should al

Does LumbarCare PRO™ suitable for everyone?

No, LumbarCare PRO™ is not suitable for everyone. Please read the precautions below carefully. While the LumbarCare PRO™ offers effective relief and soothing experiences for many, it may not be suitable for every lower back condition. Certain situati

How can I be sure that it's right for me?

The LumbarCare PRO™ utilizes the “Dynamic Air Traction & Stretch” feature, which gently stretches your lumbar region by up to 4 inches, offering adjustable comfort settings. Stretching is recognized as an effective method for back relief, but it migh

Can I use LumbarCare PRO™ on any surface?

Yes, LumbarCare PRO™ can be used on various surfaces. However, for optimal results, place it on a sturdy, flat surface like the floor, carpet, or bed. If the surface is soft, use the included Base Plate underneath the device to stabilize it. The Base

Is there a weight or height limit?

There is no height limit. Maximum weight limit 140kg/310lb.

Is the LumbarCare PRO™ suitable for body parts other than the lower back?

The LumbarCare PRO™ is designed specifically for the lower back area, so using it for other body parts is not recommended. It combines several methods specifically aimed at addressing back-related issues, so using it on different parts of the body ma

How to use LumbarCare PRO™?

Please watch the LumbarCare PRO™ How to Use Instructional Video below: