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Footlux SPA™

Is there a warranty or satisfaction guarantee with my purchase?

Absolutely! Your Footlux SPA™ comes with a 1-year warranty. Plus, at checkout, you have the option to choose our ProCare Program. However, if opened or used, Footlux SPA™ is NOT ELIGIBLE for a 30-day return policy due to safety and sanitary considera

Can I use Footlux SPA™ on any surface?

Ensure Footlux SPA™ is placed on a waterproof, flat, and stable surface for safe operation. Choose surfaces resistant to water damage to prevent potential accidents from water splashes.

How long does it take for Footlux SPA™ to heat up the water?

The heat-up time depends on the starting temperature of the water. Cold water takes longer, but if you pour in warm water, it should be ready for your desired water temperature setting within 4-5 minutes.

How much water does Footlux SPA™ hold?

Footlux SPA™ has a maximum capacity of 12 liters. However, for optimal use and to prevent water splashing, we recommend using no more than 10 liters per session.

Can I use Footlux SPA™ with essential oils or bath salts?

Yes, of course! Footlux SPA™ features a special Bath Kit Container designed for your chosen herbal or salt blend. To protect the Roller Massage mechanism, please avoid pouring salts directly into the tub. If you choose to add directly, ensure it does

How long should I use Footlux SPA™ for each session?

We suggest sessions lasting up to 60 minutes, although the exact duration can vary based on individual preference.

Can I use Footlux SPA™ with my partner or child?

Yes, you can, but only one person at a time. Always supervise children during sessions to ensure their safety.

Is Footlux SPA™ safe to use?

Yes. Footlux SPA™ is designed with safety as a priority. However, like with all electrical devices, basic safety precautions should be followed, especially around children. For comprehensive safety guidelines, please read the User Manual included in